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Generally, the JRS Sliders are used for joining or separating purposes to different elements when the zipper is opened or closed. Sliders in different types like rubber, plastic, dye-able and metallic with different coatings which is capable to withstand dry cleaning & washing are available in our brand. Covered with good quality polish, the Sliders are corrosion and rust resistant therefore, widely demanded in garment, bags, footwear, furnishing and other segments. We can also customize pullers as per the client's logo and designs within their budget.

Type of Sliders:
  • Non Lock Sliders- With no locking mechanism, the pull-tab do not lock at any condition.
  • Automatic Sliders- Without putting force on the tab-pull, it automatically locks.  
  • Jeans Sliders- Jeans Sliders are semi-automatic in nature.
  • Pin Lock Sliders- Pins attached on the pull-tab work on different elements and locks it properly.
  • Reversible  Sliders- Along with a rotating rail, the pull of reversible slider also moves. The zipper opens and closes from both the front as well as the back.

We are manufacturing Plastic /Vislon Zippers from high grade plastic & vislon material which enhance its durability. These plastic Zippers are used in garments, home textile, luggage, bags, sporting goods, tents, sleeping bags etc. for binding the edges or opening the fabric & other flexible material. The Zippers are also used for attaching or detaching the garments, pouches or bags and also, suitable for textile decoration purposes. These Zippers comes in various type like long chain, silver teeth, gold teeth, plastic no. 3, 5, 8 & 10 as per different requirements of customers.

  • Available in different colors, lengths, designs, width and material.

  • Suitable for garments like jackets, overcoats, pants, jeans & other casual wear.


Metal Zippers are one of the oldest type of Zippers which are available in cooper & lemon gold finishes which gives an elegant look to your uniforms, bags, textile items, pants, jackets, luggage, skirts, coats, boots and other items. Our zippers are available in roll form in various colors, lengths, material and designs. To suit the different colored garments, the zipper teeth has coated with silver, aluminium, bronze, brass, platinum, nickel and other polishes. Their durable nature and ability to withstand tough washing makes them ideal to use in heavy duty garments.

We are importing variety of Taffeta & Linings in various color combinations, designs, fabrics, patterns, sizes and lengths to suit the varied preferences of the customers. These fabrics are light in weight, resistant to pollling and have nice sheen & delicate appearance thus, ideal for designing bridal wear, wedding decoration purposes, used in furnishings, gowns, suits, curtains etc. Further, the mesmerizing look, softness and colorfastness ability of this fabric makes it suitable to use in linings, wall coverings and other decorative items. 
liders are generally attached with the zippers that are used for joining or separating the elements when the zipper is opened or closed. Depending on the uses, various type of Ansun Sun Sliders are available such as Auto Lock Sliders, Custom Zipper Pulls, Ansun Sun Zipper Type & Finish etc. We are distributing and supplying all kinds of Sliders under the brand “Ansun” at competitive rates and taking least possible time for delivery. Small orders or request for samples are also available in our company as every order is carefully treated by us. 
As Polyester /Nylon Zippers are light in weight, heat & rust resistant and soft therefore, commonly used in garments and heavy duty luggage. We are manufacturing Polyester Zippers in roll form which further consists with CFC and CH zippers. Made up of high quality nylon and polyester, these Zippers are strong and durable enough to withstand day to day wear & tear. Comes in number of sizes, with or without cord and colors, these Zippers can be customized as per the needs of the users.

CFC (Coil Filled Cord)
  • 3CFC- This product is manufactured in 1.6, 1.25, 1.90 and 2.20 Kg per 200 yards.
  • 5CFC- This product is made in 2.20,2.40, 3.50 Kg per 200 yards.
  • 7CFC- It is manufactured in 3.50 Kg per 200 yards.
  • 8CFC- This product is being made in 1.40 & 1.80 Kg per 100 yards.
  • 10CFC- It is manufactured in 2.60 & 3.00 Kg per 100 yards.
CH (Without Cord)
  • 3CH- Currently this product is being manufactured in 1.25 kg per 200 yards.


We are specialized in developing customized Agnee /BSC Sliders that are very strong and durable thus, withstand the daily wear & tear. Available in pull tabs with logged, these sliders are made from best grade metal, leather, rubber and plastic as per multiple usages in different segments. As the sliders have excellent surface coating they remain unaffected by dry cleaning & washing, do not have sharp edges and free from rust and corrosion. All these attributes of the Agnee /BSC Sliders enhance its usage in textiles, garments, bags, footwear, furnishing etc.
The PVC or Polymer Coated Fabric is mainly used for making waterproof garments such as PVC rain wear. The PVC coating of this fabric makes it ideal for producing industrial & chemical protective clothing which is grease & oil resistant. Ability to prevent against chemicals, chlorine and gases, this fabric with PVC coating are perfect to be used in industries like aviation, marine, offshore, oil fields and insulation. The customers can buy this kind of fabric in different length, width, color combinations and designs.  

  • Durable
  • Shrink resistant
  • Soft texture
Satin Fabric is one of the commonly used fabric in the garment industry which is used to make blouses, shirts, jackets, evening gowns, neckties, nighties, boxers etc. Due to the high no. of floats in the fabric it has high level of luster which makes it ideal for making attractive and colorful bed sheets. Created by using fibers like silk, wool, cotton, acetate and polyester, Satin is known for its sleek & glossy look. Over the years, Satin has gained lots of prominence in garment and footwear industries due to its smoothness and distinctive sheen.

  • Light Weight
  • Long Lasting
  • Smooth Texture